Welcome to BOSS Aircraft Refinishers located on the Rowan County Airport...

...where we have a passion for refinishing aircraft. We refinish all types of aircraft: singles, twins, helicopters, jets, experimentals - anything which flies and will fit in our hangar. We are not the least expensive nor are we the most expensive shop you will find, we deliver great value at a mid-level price point. BOSS Aircraft Refinishers only offers one product level and that’s a job done the right way, we refuse to cut corners in refinishing our customers’ aircraft.

Services available at BOSS Aircraft Refinishers:


  • Complete paint strip and refinish


  • Body repair and dent removal

  • Paint touch-ups using state-of-the-art spectrophotometer to match existing colors

  • N-number changes

      • Interior trim and upholstery


    • Windshield and window replacement

    • Door seal replacement

        • Complete aircraft maintenance


        • Insurance repair work


        • Airframe repairs


        • Annual inspections


        • 100-hour inspections


        • Engine and propeller overhaul and replacement


        • Aircraft weighing


        • Pre-buy inspections


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