Safe Kids-Rowan began in January 2001, in conjuntion with the outreach of the national Safe Kids project.  Emergency Services' EMS Division provided lead organization coordination and leadership with Paramedic Carole Dellinger as the local program coordinator.  In her career she has seen the devastating effects of preventable injuries and is committed to Safe Kids' goals.

Since its inception, Safe Kids-Rowan has co-sponsored numerous events including Car Seat Passenger Safety Courses. These courses have allowed local allied public safety agencies from fire, EMS and law enforcement to become direct participants.  Individuals successfully completing this course are identified as Senior Checkers and can act as car seat checkpoint operators.  Numerous local public safety personnel are now qualified and together have held ongoing passenger safety classes and checkpoints throughout the county.

Safe Kids-Rowan has continued to florish and prosper through public education events across the county.  The local chapter of Safe Kids has grown to an indivdual agency status with contnued support from the public safety and local government and private sectors.   Retired Paramedic Dellenger continues to serve as the project coordinator lead and is assisted by retired Salisbury Fire Captain Marshall Moore.