Mission Statement
It is the mission of the Hazardous Material Emergency Response Team to remove endangered people, conduct emergency rescue operations, and act as technical advisors to the incident commander at scenes of hazardous material releases. These activities are conducted by properly trained and equipped team members, using only safe work practices.

image of HazMat EmployeeScope of Operations
The Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Team will operate within three operational priorities to include:

  • Rescue of persons endangered by the release of hazardous materials
  • Support incident commanders at the release of hazardous materials with technical information and resources, and
  • Document and record all emergencies involving hazardous materials in its response area for statistical references and reports. Mitigation of release activities are not within the scope of the team's operation unless the result of same is to rescue or save a life. Clean-up operations are not within the team's scope of operation.

When does the Team Respond?
Response to a hazardous material emergency image of HazMat Equipmentincident will take place if requested by an Incident Commander
if a need is recognized by ROWAN Communications from information received about a leak, spill, or release of hazardous materials if requested by a Rowan County Fire Marshal or an Officer of the City of Salisbury Fire Department.

Response of the Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Team is limited to Rowan County and its municipalities. Any mutual aid to areas outside Rowan County can be provided only after authorization by the Salisbury Fire Chief and the Rowan County Director of Emergency Services.

Additional Hazardous Materials Information

  • Cameo - Hazardous materials database program. The latest program information and file download for updates, bugs, and fixes. The site also has updates for your Cameo Chemical Database, when these are published.
  • Cameo email - Send email to Cameo Technical Support.
  • Envirofacts - Facility-based hazmat information. Get a list of EPA-regulated facilities in your county
  • E-Tip - Access to numerous chemical databases including immediate response and long-term health effect data.
  • OSHA Data - Good background information source for health and safety issues
  • The Internet Sleuth - Searches environmental newswires, magazines, and bulletin boards
  • Macronet - Good web source for community environmental activism. Site is run by Macrocosm USA, Inc.
  • P2-GEMS - The Site for Facility Process Management. Information on pollution prevention.
  • Water Resources of the U.S. - Data on waterways and wetlands.
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