Care Management Services                                                   

Care Coordination for Children (CC4C)
Care Coordination for Children (CC4C) is a care management program for children ages 0-5 years that may need added services or support. This includes children with special health care needs, children who have experienced adverse life events or toxic stress and/or children who have been in a neonatal intensive care unit. Service examples include medical/health needs support, linkage to resources, support in meeting child's treatment plan, family education, help setting and meeting child-centered goals and helping families meet the child's needs while minimizing the impact of adverse life events.

To Make A Referral
Print and complete the CC4C referral form below and fax it to: 704-216-7999, Attention: CC4C Program.

CC4C Referral Form

CC4C Brochure

Pregnancy Care Management
These services are provided for pregnant Medicaid recipients who are determined to be at risk for poor birth outcomes. All patients identified as having priority risk factors will be assessed by an OB Care Manager who will then work with the woman and her prenatal care provider to ensure she receives the best possible care while she is pregnant and after delivery. Priority risk factors include: A history of preterm birth, a history of low birth weight, multiple gestation, fetal complications, chronic conditions which may complicate pregnancy, unsafe living environment (homelessness, inadequate housing, violence or abuse), substance use, tobacco use, missing two or more prenatal appointments without rescheduling, and inappropriate hospital utilization. Non-PMH providers are able to refer their patients/clients for Pregnancy Care Management services using the referral form below.

To Make A Referral
To refer pregnant Medicaid recipients who are determined to be at risk for poor birth outcome, please complete the referral form below and fax it to 704-216-7999, Attention: PCM program.

PCM Referral Form

PCM Brochure

For More Information about Care Management Programs and Services 
Call 704-216-8867

For additional information, please go to the Division of Medical Assistance, the Community Care of North Carolina and the NC Department of Public Health, Women's and Children's Health section, or call the CARE-LINE Information and Referral Service: 1-800-662-7030 (English/Espanol). Deaf and hard of hearing callers can dial 1-877-452-2514 (TTY).