Composed of 100 acres owned outright by Rowan County. This land was purchased by a group of local individuals and given to the Land Trust for Central N.C.. They placed a legally binding Conservation Easement on it and then donated it to the County. The easement insures that the property will be maintained as a natural area for the benefit of wildlife and the citizens of Rowan County.
An additional 100 acres is added as a long-term lease from Aluminum Company of America. This addition some of the more diverse topography of the property.

Originally the land was owned by Eisenhour Brick, then along with the adjacent property that became the Emerald Bay development was sold to investor Neil Sansovich. Mr. Sansovich made the property of Eagle Point available to the County and through the generosity of local individuals, it became what it is today.

Bald Eagles do use the waters, especially in Goldeneye Cove as fishing grounds. Great Blue Herons, Egrets, Kingfishers, Barred owls, Wild turkey and waterfowl are commonly seen along with White-tailed deer and raccoons.

The property consists of a variety of forest types that are typical to central N.C. and is entirely forested.
The trail system was designed as three back to back loops because it is not difficult to get turned around here.
The trails total over 3 miles of walking. The Plant Loop Trail is just under one mile, and the Goldeneye Cove Trail just over 1 ½ miles. Eagle Point Loop is about 2 miles. Old homesites, views of the lake and solitude are what visitors can expect.


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