Rowan County Parks and Recreation

 in cooperation with

Rowan County Geocachers

would like to encourage those in and outside of Rowan County

to come to Rowan County Parks to geocache!


Geocaching: Description

From the OCNA ( website: “Geocaching is an outdoor sport or activity in which cachers use a GPS receiver to find a "treasure" hidden by other participants. Many caches are secured in watertight containers, containing trinkets and/or a logbook in which cachers record their discovery of the cache. The coordinates to the location of the caches are stored in online databases, such as Opencaching NA, along with descriptions and instructions necessary to find them. This site is free to use with no fees whatsoever. You can organize your favorite caches, build custom searches, be instantly notified of new caches, seek and create caches of all types, export GPX queries and much more!”


Other online databases for geocaching or GPS type games are (the largest),,,, and






Short Synopsis of Rules for HIDING Geocaches

-      permit required for HIDING caches from Rowan County Reviewer

-      Not in NO CACHE ZONES (see map below)

-      follow guidelines of listing sites (, OCNA, Terracaching, etc)

-      CO Maintenance during property hours

-      CO personally inspect cache after 3 consecutive DNF days (not instances)

-      Geocaches do not require finders to climb on buildings (within reach of average height persons) to find



3 of the 5 parks have no-cache zones

Ellis Park    For map click here

     — Community Building

     — Horse barn

Dan Nicholas Park For map click here

     — Campground (current geocache in campground is Grandfathered into the policy)

     — Gem mine, Animal area

     — Girl Scout Camp Area

     — House on Front of Property


Sloan Park for map click here

     — Kerr Mill Museum



County Reviewer email-


Link to permit form


PDF LINK to  policy for Download



SUBJECT: Geocaching on Rowan County Parks properties


1. Purpose and Permit

The purpose of this information is to provide guidance for the management of Geocaching on Rowan County Parks and Recreation Department (hereafter referred to as "RCP")properties. A Permit process is necessary for safeguarding our green and historical space as well as accountability for upkeep of the geocache.


2. Definitions

(1)      “Cache” (pronounced ‘cash’) means a container that is used in association with geocaching. A cache typically includes items such as a logbook, pen, pencil, map, or trinkets (swag).


(2)      Geocaching (largest geocaching website), Terracaching, Opencaching.


(3)      “Container-less cache" refers to the target for geocaching for which there is no container or logbook. Objects are not traded at the site of a container-less cache. The term includes any cache type without a container listing a RCP or identifying global positioning system (GPS) coordinates on a RCP property, as the cache location.


(4)      "RCP" refers to the Rowan County Parks and Recreation Department.


(5)      “CO” refers to Cache Owner


(6)      "Geocaching" means a game pursued by GPS users. An individual or organization places a cache or caches and shares it’s or their location on the Internet. A participant in the game applies the GPS   coordinates to locate a target cache or caches. When located, the participant records the find on a designated website such as The game may provide that objects are traded at the cache.


(7)      ”Multi-cache" refers to containers that are located from information received in another cache.


3. Permits

(1)      A person must submit an Application to the Rowan County Geocache Reviewer (not associated with by completing the form at this link,, who will contact the appropriate property, as necessary. A paper copy or PDF version is available upon request of the ROCOGEO Reviewer at


(2)      Maps of “No Cache Zones”  for CO’s will be available from the Rowan County Geocache Reviewer (


(3)      Fundamental Placement Guidelines from, which will be adhered to by RCP placed caches. Other OCNA and Terracaching options beyond are case by case basis, as requested of the Rowan County Geocacher


1 All local laws and documented land management policies apply 

2 You assure us that you have the landowner's and/or land manager's permission before you hide any geocache, whether placed on private or public property

Geocaches are never buried, neither partially nor completely. 

Geocache placements do not damage, deface or destroy public or private property

Wildlife and the natural environment are not harmed in the pursuit of geocaching.

6   Geocaches are not placed in restricted, prohibited or otherwise inappropriate locations.

7   Physical elements of different geocaches should be at least 0.10 miles (528 ft or 161 m) apart.


Other Placement Considerations


                     1         Select an appropriate location and container.

                     2         Label your geocache.


(4)      CO maintenance must be done during property operation hours.


(5)      The property manager is authorized to deny a permit application.


(6)      A person who is aggrieved by a determination by the property manager or ROCOGEO Reviewer may seek informal review from the      

          director of the Parks Department.


4. General Prohibitions, Limitations, and Requirements

(1)      In the placement of a cache a person must not do any of the following:

         (A) Violate state or federal law.

         (B) Dig or otherwise disrupt the ground to place a cache.

         (C) Place a cache that requires climbing onto trees or buildings. (All caches within reach of persons of average height).

         (D) Place a container-less cache anywhere other than on or discoverable directly from a developed trail, road, or access point.


(2)      As soon as practicable after placing a cache, the person who holds a ROCO Geocache Placment Permit must record the exact location

         (both: the exact GPS location [i.e.: N 35° 23.234, W 080° 45.456], and descriptive location (behind the fallen log, 5 feet to the right of the

          trail at marker 6) on the copy of the permit maintained by the ROCOGEO Reviewer, permit is available by request.


(3)      A person that holds a ROCO Geocache Placement Permit must inspect any cache at least once every six months (Note left on Cache   

          Page denoting maintenance) (or after three or more consecutive DAYS of DNF’s [Did Not Find]) to help ensure compliance with this 

          information bulletin. During the inspection, the person must remove from the cache any food, alcohol, firearms, drugs, items unsuitable for

          minors, or other items that may pose a danger to people or wildlife.


(4)      A ROCO Geocache Placement Permit DOES NOT expire. However, it can be revoked or cancelled:

         (A) At the cache owners (CO) request (CO is responsible for removing all remnants of the cache, See Policy 6.1).

         (B) If there is a string of DNF’s and the cache owner makes no effort to maintenance, the property manager can make request to Reviewer to

               have it archived.

         (C) If the status of the area changes (protected area), property manager can ask CO to temporarily

               disable or permanently archive cache.


(5)      There is NO COST to permitting a geocache in Rowan County.


(6)      There is a 14 day waiting period from the day the Permit is submitted to expectation of approval or

         denial. (similar expectations for waiting period are on


(7)      Grandfathering:

         (A) Current caches listed below are grandfathered into the permit system.

         (B) By remaining an active cache, you agree to the stipulations laid out in this memo (specifically: 4.1, 4.3, 4.4).

         (C) Any current geocaches in violation of 4.1, 4.3, or 4.4 will be given 90 days from the

               implementation of this Permit System and contact by the ROCOGEO Reviewer to correct their cache. If no changes are made, Archival

               requests will be made. To replace after archival, you will need to submit a Permit.

         (D) Current geocaches on properties: If it’s not on this list, it must be permitted. See Appendix A for  list.


6. Permit Suspension or Revocation and Site Reclamation

(1)       The ROCO Reviewer may suspend or revoke a ROCO Geocache Placement Permit if a term of the permit or of this information bulletin

          is violated or if the location of the cache is found to pose a  hazard to safety or the environment. The Reviewer shall make a reasonable

          attempt to notify the Permit holder of the action, as well as to notify the designated website. The reasons for the property manager's

          action shall be recorded with the Permit. If the Permit holder elects to relocate the cache, an Addendum to the original Permit can be



(2)      Upon the suspension, revocation, or termination of a ROCO Geocache Placement Permit, the license holder is responsible for removal of

          the cache, for site restoration, and for any associated  expenses. A person who places a cache without a permit has the same

          responsibilities as if issued  a license, and the cache can be removed by the property manager.





Dan Nicholas Park

GC1HC6D: Natural Arches at Dan Nicholas (P1)  GC5761Z: TH 2 Hrs. (P9)

GC4X9E6: A Little 411 in DN Park (P2)                        GC3Q0CT: July Baby (P10)

GC5671X: ParamediCache (P3)                                      GC56WBN: Fell Into Place (P11)

GC4X9DV: X Marks the Spot in DN Park (P4)               GC56W9Z: TM14 (P12)

GC4X9DH: The Blue Buffalo in DN Park (P5)                GC56W8X: Take a Load Off (P13)

GCJPGK: Volkssport Trail (P6)                                     GC56W7Y: Lucky 7 (P14)

GC5670W: Pirate’s Plunder (P7)

GC57636: CS 21 (P8)


Dunn’s Mountain Park

GC567JB: Dunn’s Mountain Park: Entrance to the Heavens (P15)

GC56E6B: Dunn’s Mountain — Igneous Extrusion (P16)

GC567K3: Dunn’s Mountain Park — Are You Ready to Go??? (P17)

GC2X49M: Noah’s View (P18)


Ellis Park

GC69ZK2: You Wood Knot believe this, okay, maybe you wood. (P27)


Sloan Park

GC13CQZ: Rock and a Hard Place (P19)


Eagle Point Nature Preserve

GC5KHFJ: A Bridge Too Far (P20)

GC5X4N8: Between The Trails (P21)

GC5X4P8: Eagle Loop Cache (P22)

GC4Y1EZ: Eagle’s Beak (P23)

GC4HB72: Eagle Point Preserve (P24)

GCJQ4A: Heron Cove (P25)

GC36291: Yellow & Red Eagle (P26)





From: OCNA (