Shelter Charges Apply Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Other Weekdays There is No Charge for Shelter Use

Shelter rentals                                                                                    $35.00 half day 
All 5 shelters have 14 tables and charcoal grills;                               $70.00 all day
Morgan, Rowe McNeely, and Mt. Ulla Lions' shelters                        $14.00 for elec. 

Outdoor Theater (in county/out of county)                                     $50.00 / $75.00

Don's Gazebo - Assembly Only                                                      $50.00
Weddings at Sloan Park Gazebo                                                    $100.00

Reserved Picnic Tables
2 shaded tables                                                                            $13.00 - half day, $26.00 All Day
4 shaded tables                                                                            $15.00 - half day, $30.00 All Day
6 shaded tables                                                                            $18.00 - half day, $36.00 All Day

Mill Tours - School Groups                                                            No Fee
 Teachers call and make reservations       

Sorry No Refunds - Rain Checks Only!

Fishing Permit for Fred's Pond  No charge for Senior Citizens (age 60 or over)
                                              Kids under 3 fish for free
                                              $1.50 - Rowan County residents

Historical Tree Trail - Tape Player Rentals
School groups                                                                            $1.00/player                        Adults                                                                                       $3.00/player