Manufactured Homes are usually, but not always, permitted in the Rural Agricultural (RA) district on lots created prior to 1999. When permitted, the following requirements must be met:

  • 1976 model or newer
  • Masonry underpinned

Questions? Please call (704) 216-8588

To setup up a Manufactured home

  • Contact the Environmental Health Department for a perk test or re-inspection
  • Obtain a Zoning Permit
  • Obtain a Building Permit: Complete a Manufactured Home Application (signatures required)
  • Present your Environmental Health information, zoning permit and application with fee to the Building Inspections Department. Single Wides are $195 and Double Wides are $245
  • Modular Homes need to be submitted on a Residential Application
  • PLEASE NOTE: Building Permits are not issued after 4:00 pm

Family Manufactured Home Parks
Family Manufactured Parks may be permitted through Planning and Development Department. Family Manufactured Home Park Application must be completed. Questions? Contact (704) 216-8588.

Manufactured Home Parks
Manufactured Home Parks may be established through the rezoning process. Please contact the Planning and Development Department (704) 216-8588 for more information.

Temporary Use
Temporary Use Permits are good for one (1) year. Permits are supplied through the zoning permit process - Contact Lloyd Pace (704) 216-8598 for more information.