2016 Planning & Zoning Cases

January 25th: Agenda

February 22nd: Agenda

Z-01-16: Bradshaw- MHP to RA
Packet ;Current Zoning; Zoning Site with RA

Z-02-16: Chad Crainshaw- RA to CBI
Packet; Map

Z-03-16: Ver Len Acres, LLC. - Multiple zoning districts
Packet; Current Zoning; Proposed Zoning

Z-04-16: Seven Islands Environmental Solutions, LLC 85-ed-2 to IND
Packet; Board of Commissioners material found at this link

May 9th:

ZTA 01-16 & STA 02-16:

May 23rd: Agenda

Z-05-16: Wright- MHP to RA
Packet ; Site

Z-06-16: John R Finger- Modification of Watershed Overlay (WSO) for Coddle Creek along S. Enochville Ave

PCUR-01-16: Chad Crainshaw- RA to CBI-CUD
Packet; Map; Site Plan

ZTA 01-16 & STA 02-16: Miscellaneous Text Amendment

June 27th: Agenda

PCUR-02-16: Tucker – Amend CBI-CUD
Packet; Site Plan  

July 25th: Agenda

Z-07-16: Jerry Murph- RA to NB
Packet; Map

Z-08-16: AH INC- RA to CBI
Packet; Map

Z-09-16: Mark Butler. - RA to NB
Packet; Map

PCUR-03-16: Venture Properties VII LLC RA to NB-CUD
Packet; Zoning Map; Site Plan; Elevation

August 22nd: Agenda

PCUR-04-16: Darrell Reavis RA to CBI-CUD
Packet; Site Plan; Zoning Map

September 26th: Agenda

Z-10-16: Vernon Powell Multiple Zoning Districts
Packet ; Site

ZTA 02-16 & STA 03-16: Tree House Text Amendment

October 24th: Agenda

Z-11-16: Pablo Velazquez
Packet ; Site 

STA 03-16:
MemoPacket: Maps

 2017 Planning & Zoning Cases

January 23rd: Agenda

Z-01-17: Randy Beach IND-CUD to CBI

Packet; Map

February 27th: Agenda

Z-02-17: Magnolia Metal & Plastic Products – RA to CBI

Packet; Map

April 24th: Agenda

Z-03-17: ABC Towing of the Carolinas- RA to CBI

Packet; Map

May 22nd: Agenda

Z-04-17: Aaron Martin CBI-CUD to NB

Packet; Map


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