Have a Road Sign Down or Missing?
The Planning & Development Department orders green road signs that are
damaged or missing

To order a road sign: Have all road names needed to complete the sign and contact the Planning & Development Department at (704) 216.8588. It usually takes 6-8 weeks to complete the sign ordering process.  If your sign is knocked down and not damaged, it should be put back up in less than 4 weeks.

If a stop sign or other information sign is missing or damaged, please contact the NCDOT at (704) 630-3200.

Naming a New Road?
Fill out a
Road Naming Petition and turn it into the Planning & Development Department. The petition will then be turned into the Board of Commissioners for a decision. For more information, please contact us.

In a major subdivision, new roads must be created to state standards. To find out more information please contact North Carolina DOT or the Salisbury Branch at (704) 630-3200. Additionally, contact the Salisbury Branch for residential or commercial driveway permits.

Need a New Address?

Rowan County adopted an Addressing Ordinance to ensure that efficient police, fire and emergency service is provided to the citizens of Rowan County. This ordinance requires all new homes to be assigned numbers by the Planning & Development Department staff in according with accepted procedures.

What do I need to get an address?
In order for the Planning & Development Department to assign an address, a zoning permit must be issued. Vacant lots and structures that do not need zoning permits cannot be addressed. However, vacant lots ready for permits will receive an address.

Why does my driveway need to be named?
Driveways having more than 2 residences or businesses are required to be named. In this case, a Road Naming Petition should be filled out and submitted to the Planning & Development Department.

Why do I have to change my address?
In cases where a new address cannot fit into the existing address scheme of the road and / or where the inconsistency of addresses are determined to be a public danger, the county may reassign addresses in order to create a consistent range of addresses.