Subdivision review by the Planning and Development Department is completed according to the standards set forth in the Rowan County Subdivision Ordinance

Subdivision Types
Family Subdivision - Up to 3 lots conveyed to immediate family members
Family Subdivision Document
Minor Subdivision - Up to 8 lots with no new roads
Major Subdivision - More than 8 lots and/or with new roads

Checklists & Applications

Preliminary Plat Checklist
Preliminary Plat Application
Final Plat Checklist
Final Plat Application

Data & Maps
Street Appendix List (Observed R/W)
Observed R/W Map
Zoning Map (09.05.14)
Watershed Map
Subdivision Activity: Map / List
Surety Bond
DOT - Driveway Permit Application

Private Road Certifications
PE Certification

Jennifer Goble (704) 216-8600 handles new subdivision road names & sign ordering.

For NCDOT Driveway Submittals and Road Plan and Profile Review call (704) 630-3200.