Subdivision review by the Planning & Development Department is completed according to the standards set forth in the Rowan County Subdivision Ordinance
Subdivision Types
Family Subdivision - Up to 3 lots conveyed to immediate family members
Family Subdivision Document
Minor Subdivision - Up to 8 lots with no new roads
Major Subdivision - More than 8 lots and/or with new roads

Checklists & Applications

Preliminary Plat Checklist
Preliminary Plat Application
Final Plat Checklist
Final Plat Application
Subdivision Text Amendment

Data & Maps
Street Appendix List (Observed R/W)
Observed R/W Map
Zoning Map (updated 06.16.15)
Watershed Map
Surety Bond
Water Point Agreement
Subdivision Activity: Map / List (since ordinance adoption 10.03.94; updated 10.07.16)
DOT - Driveway Permit Application

Private Road Certifications
PE Certification

Town of China Grove
​The Rowan County Planning & Development Department is contracted to administer the Town of China Grove's Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).  Development related applications and documents may be view at the Town of China Grove's website Link Opens to New Site.


Contact the Planning & Development Department at (704) 216-8588 for questions regarding new road names & sign ordering for subdivisions.

For NCDOT Driveway Submittals and Road Plan and Profile Review call (704) 630-3200.