1.  Can I obtain a copy of a birth certificate from the Register of Deeds office?  Yes, if you were born in Rowan County.  We can give you the address of other North Carolina counties or other states if you were born outside of  Rowan County. 

2.  What do I do to obtain a copy?  You may stop by our office at 402 North Main St., Salisbury, NC, request a copy by mail at Register of Deeds, P. O. Box 2568, Salisbury NC 28145-2568, or request a copy online at

3.  What information do I include in my request?  If you walk into the office, you must complete the request form and show ID or a document with your name on it.  You may also mail a hand written request, it must include your name at birth, birth date, father’s name, and mother’s maiden name.  Sign your request. Attach a copy of your driver's license, ID card, or another document with your name and address.  

4.  What are the costs in obtaining a birth certificate?  The regular certified copy costs $10.00 cash in the office; money order by mail.  Genealogy requests for a regular copy is 50 cents. 

5.  How long does it take to obtain a copy?  We answer our mail requests the same day we receive them.  If you walk into the office, it should take just a few minutes. 

6.  Who may obtain my birth certificate?  The list is limited.  You, your husband/wife, your mother/father, your child, your brother/sister, your grandchild, your grandmother/grandfather, great-grandmother/great-grandfather, great-grandchild, stepmother/stepfather, stepchild, your attorney or legal agent.