What are the requirements for recording a map? The map must be 18 x 24 inches on mylar with the actual print on the top of the map. Before presenting the map to the Register of Deeds, it must be signed by the Rowan County Review Officer. Review Officers are located in the Planning Office and the Tax Assessor’s office on the second floor at 402 North Main St., Salisbury NC. The fee to record a map is $21.00 per sheet.

How may I get a copy of the map of my property? If your property is located in a subdivision or if your survey has been recorded, you may obtain a copy for $2.00 from the Register of Deeds office. Otherwise, you may obtain a copy of the tax map for your area from the Tax Assessor’s office for $3.00.

If I record my map in the Register of Deeds office, do I get the original back? No. The Register of Deeds office retains the original.