The Register of Deeds office administers notary public oaths for Rowan County notaries anytime between 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday. Also, the office makes a variety of notary forms available to the general public. Instructions are the same for any of the forms. Upon completion of the form, mail to the Notary Division, Secretary of State, Raleigh. When you receive your notice (green sheet), appear before an employee of the Register of Deeds office to be sworn in. The notary oath fee is $10.00.

Requirements for Initial Appointment

18 years of age or older

Must reside or work in North Carolina

Complete a course of instruction provided by the Secretary of State

No conviction of a felony under NC or Federal law

No conviction of a felony in another state that would have been a felony if committed in NC

No conviction of corruption or malpractice in any office

Not removed from any office by impeachment and not restored to the rights of citizenship as prescribed by law

Initial Application for NC Notary Public

Upon completion of Notary Public Course, complete the initial application signed by your instructor, sign before a Notary Public, obtain the signature of a publically elected official, attach the appropriate fee, and mail to Notary Division, Secretary of State. Follow directions above.

Requirements for Reappointment

Obtain a reappointment form from the Register of Deeds office. Complete the form approximately 3 to 5 weeks before your expiration date, sign before a Notary Public (not yourself) and mail to Secretary of State, Notary Division along with appropriate fee. Follow directions above.

Change of Name/Change of Address

Notaries who change their addresses or names or resign their commissions are required to notify the Secretary of State. Within 30 days of changing his or her address, a notary must notify the Secretary by certified or registered mail of the old and new addresses. Within 30 days of changing his or her name, a notary must notify the Secretary by completing the change of name form. The Secretary then amends the old commission, issues the commission in the new name, and directs the notary to appear again before the Register of Deeds for the oath. A name change and new commission requires the purchase of a new seal. A notary who changes his or her name and county of residence or employment at the same time, must apply for reappointment and purchase a new stamp or seal.


A notary who resigns his or her commission must notify the Secretary by registered or certified mail, giving the effective date of resignation. A notary who no longer works or lives in NC must resign his or her commission.