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Asa Ribelin Papers

Asa Ribelin was an ethnic German school teacher living in Rowan County in the 19th Century. He was employed by parents in the 1830's as the first master of a one-room school in the Dunn's Mountain section of Rowan. His papers passed down through his family to his grandson's family before they were donated to the Rowan Public Library.


Dr. McCorkle's Sermon

*Reverend Samuel Eusebius McCorkle (1746-1811), was a Presbyterian minister and an educator. McCorkle was called to pastor Thyatira Church in Rowan, NC in 1776. A graduate of Princeton under John Witherspoon, his classical education and views on deism are clearly demonstrated in his Four Discourses, one of the first volumes printed in North Carolina.


Georgia Jordan Papers

*Georgia Jordan was born in 1865 and died in Salisbury, NC in 1941. She was buried in Salisbury's Chestnut Hill Cemetery. She was know as "Miss Georgie" throughout her lifetime. She married John C. Jordan and had four children; letters from the oldest child James Frank (J.F.) are represented in the Digital Archive collection.


Mamie McCubbins Collection

*Mamie McCubbins was born in Salisbury, NC on April 26, 1874. Her passion for collecting family histories of Rowan County led her to become one of the foremost genealogists in the Southeast. The Mamie McCubbins Collection consists of nearly fifty years worth of research notes for her anticipated, comprehensive book on early Rowan County families.


Archibald Henderson Collection

*Archibald Henderson was a descendant of Salisbury's Henderson family, financiers of Daniel Boone's trek into Kentucky. Archibald was a multi-talented mathematics professor at the University of North Carolina, whose scholarly interests included mathematics, history and literary criticism. He wrote biographies of both G.B. Shaw and Mark Twain.


Wiley Lash Interview

*Wiley Lash (1908-1995) was a civic leader, business man, and the first African-American mayor of Salisbury. He was well-loved in his community and his awards and honors included "Man of the Year" from the Lion's Club as well as honorary doctorates from Livingstone and Catawba Colleges. In 1985, when his term ended as mayor, he was honored as the city's first Honorary Mayor.