Genealogy Workshops

Join us for a series of introductory and advanced workshops on genealogy.  Local and web resources will be explored and explained by members of the Genealogical Society and History Room.  For more details, please call the Edith M. Clark History Room Librarian, Gretchen Witt, at 704-216-8232.

Classes are free, but registration is required.

Searching in Europe - Saturday, May 13th at 10:00 am, RPL Headquarters (Salisbury)

Many Americans have their roots in Europe.  This class explores the resources that are available to look at records in European countries.   We will also discuss peculiarities of culture that might create difficulties in researching certain areas.



Land & Taxes - Saturday, July 22nd at 10:00 am, RPL Headquarters (Salisbury)

Our early ancestors can often be tracked through tax or land records.  Some received land for military service; others took advantage of land offered as a result of the Indian Removal Act or the Homestead Act.  Buying, selling & settling land leaves crumbs on the trail we can follow to find our lineage. 


Ports of Arrival - Saturday, September 23rd at 10:00 am, RPL Headquarters (Salisbury)

This class will take a look at the many and varied ports of entry at which immigrating ancestors may have arrived or traveled through.   Ship manifests, oaths of allegiance and naturalization papers often yield information about the date, time and place of arrival.