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Churches - St. Luke's Episcopal Church

91297 Published by Theodore Buerbaum, Salisbury, N.C. Germany
Thuya Orientalis in Episcopal Church Yard, Salisbury N.C. 65 feet high

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, is one of Salisbury’s oldest and most historic churches.

Created in 1753 by and act of the Colonial Assembly, St. Luke’s Parish conformed with the boundaries of Rowan County, then the largest county in the colony.  The church building was erected in 1828.

The tree is a thuya (Thuya orientalis), also known as a Chinese Arbor vitae, or Oriental Arbor vitae. Though its name refers to China, it also grows wild in many parts of North Africa. It varies from Thuya occidentalis, or American Arbor vitae, which is cultivated both in North America and Europe.  The thuya is used as a shade tree and also in bonsai.  When planted in good soil under favorable climatic conditions, the trees can grow sixty feet with a trunk diameter of from five to six feet. According to Chinese observations, these trees are known to live to an age of more than two thousand years.


The Chinese Arbor Vitæ

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