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Downtown Salisbury Street Scenes - Grubb Building

Salisbury distiller Clay Grubb began construction of his “skyscraper” in early 1900 at the corner of Main and Innes Streets.  The building, a Beaux-Arts styled commercial building, stands seven and one half stories tall.  Joseph Fels, millionaire soap manufacturer helped finance the building and was the owner of record after Grubb’s untimely death in 1913.  In 1914, Jake and Leo Wallace purchased the building and renamed it the Wallace Building.  Ralph and Ann Ketner purchased it in 1988 and with the city of Salisbury, completely renovated it.  The Ketners gave the structure to the city of Salisbury in 1991 and it is now known as the Plaza.

Theo Buerbaum went to the roof of the building to photograph the city.  Several of his postcards show images looking in various directions from this vantage point. 

Publ. By Theo Buerbaum, Salisbury (The Albertype Co., Brooklyn, N.Y.)  No series no.


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