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Downtown Salisbury Street Scenes - Painting the Stand-Pipe

Painting the Stand-Pipe, Salisbury N.C.

The Stand-Pipe, a noticeable land mark in Salisbury for many years, was located on West Fisher Street between Church and Main Streets.  A standpipe is a tank or pipe for holding water in an elevated position to create pressure in a water supply system. In taller buildings, where the pressure from the mains at street level is insufficient to raise the water to the upper floors, water is pumped up to the standpipe and fed by gravity into the system.  The Standpipe held 237,000 gallons of water and was 20 feet by 184 feet. 

Raphael tuck & Sons Post Card Series No. 0250


Sanborn Map Company Insurance map of Salisbury, Rowan County, North Carolina, including part of Salisbury Twp. New York: Sanborn Map Co, 1931

Definition of Standpipe

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