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Hotels - Mansion House Corner

The Mansion House was built in 1823 on the corner of Main and Innes Street on the site that later held the Grubb-Wallace Building.  It became known as the largest and best-known hotel in Rowan County, and it was a center of political activity.  Late in the 1850s, the hotel was taken over by Mr. and Mrs. William Rouzee, and it became known for its fine hospitality.  Methodist ministers were always welcome there, and people also lived there.  In 1860-61, the hotel was licensed to sell liquor in small amounts in the basement.  Also known for its social activities, the hotel was used for dances, balls, and weddings.  A huge bell was hung in the upstairs window, and the owners used it to call the guests to meals.  It reportedly could be heard throughout the downtown area.  During and after the Civil War, people took refuge in the hotel.  After the war, the upstairs of the hotel was used as a rooming house, and the downstairs area was divided up into small shops including a grocery store, bakery, jewelry store, and barbershop.  By the turn of the century, the hotel was in disrepair, and it burned down in 1907.

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