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Miscellaneous - In Fulton Heights Park

As an inducement to people to buy lots in the new Fulton Heights neighborhood, Salisbury’s first development outside of the city’s boundaries, promoters opened Fulton Heights Park in 1906.  The July 4th celebration included a sunrise salute, parade, baby show, baseball, fireworks, field sports, dancing, music and prominent speakers.  Electric cars (streetcars) made trips to the park every 15 minutes.  The park ceased operation when the trolley no longer ran.

The tree trunks are whitewashed with a mixture of Hydrated lime and water, which was a common practice at the time.  It cooled the tree by deflecting light, and therefore heat, and formed a coating on the trunk that absorbed carbon dioxide.  It was an especially useful practice in time of drought. 

Series no.  1751 Pub. by Buerbaum’s Book Store


Salisbury Evening Post  June 1, 1906, June 28, 1906

A Little Old-Fashioned Whitewash Helps Take the Heat Off 

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