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Nazareth Orphans' Home

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Nazareth Orphan’s Home

The Reformed Church tried to establish an orphanage as early as 1899.  The Nazareth Orphans’ Home was incorporated by act of the Legislature of the State of North Carolina October 30, 1903.  The Board of Managers of the Reformed Church purchased 16 2/3 acres of land in Crescent in the eastern part of Rowan County but nothing was built on this land.  On July 10, 1906, the McNairy Farm of 85 acres and a ten-room house was purchased and Miss Mary P. Abbott of Pennsylvania and four children moved in.  The farm was in a state of cultivation and had barns and outbuildings, an orchard and a pasture.  The Superintendent, the matron, and the children worked the farm and it remained an important part of the home.  Over the years, many buildings were added including dormitories, barns, laundry building, a Superintendent’s home and a farm manager’s home. 

The reverend J.M.L. Lyerly, founder of the Nazareth Orphans’ Home wanted a place that would “be a father and a mother to her boys and girls who had none.”  Now known as Nazareth Children’s Home, the 296-acre facility serves a legal capacity of fifty children and youth from around the state of North Carolina.  Since it’s beginning in 1906, 1200 residents have called Nazareth Children’s Home home.


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Nazareth Children’s Home