Theo Buerbaum's Salisbury

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About This Project

The 87 postcards in this project are from two collections from the Edith M. Clark History Room at the Rowan Public Library, The Miscellaneous Postcard Collection, MSS 9034 and The Johnny Young Postcard Collection, MSS 9908.  The postcards in the project are those in some way connected with Theo. Buerbaum, who was a photographer and bookstore owner in Salisbury, North Carolina from 1880-1926.  Most of the postcards are from photographs he took, but others are ones that bear the imprint of his bookstore in some way.  Included with the images are short histories researched by our staff of the events, places, or people depicted in the postcard.  Our collection includes the images of Theo. Buerbaum’s postcards, but this is by no means all that he produced.  We are always looking out for images we do not have and we will happily take other donations. 

We would like to thank all those who helped with this project from conception to publication: 

Our main thanks are to Theo. Buerbaum for taking photographs of Salisbury and Rowan County and for turning them into postcards.  We also are grateful to whoever in the library decided to collect postcards. 

Our thanks also to North Carolina Echo and their Digitization Institute for the inspiration and guidelines for this project. We followed their scanning guidelines and used their template to describe Dublin Core Metadata  Not only that, the Digitization Institute is a lot of fun!

We would also like to thank the people who contributed to the project:

Rachel Dickey, Information Technology Librarian, who designed the website and navigation and tirelessly uploaded revision after revision of our text.

Paul Birkhead, Information Technology Librarian from the South Rowan Regional Library, who scanned the postcards for the project.

Kathy Petrucelli, History Room Associate, who painstakingly researched every single postcard and compiled fact-sheets about each.

Vanessa Sterling, History Room Associate, who typed, fact checked, and double-checked sources.

Jane Woodward, History Room Associate, who researched and wrote several general histories on a variety of topics.

June Watson, History Room Associate, who knows where everything is in the History Room and who keeps things moving along.

Reginald W. Brown, one of our favorite patrons, who helped us with information on Livingstone College. 

Deborah Harper Rouse, Local History and Genealogy Librarian, who coordinated the project and designed the title graphic.