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Salisbury Depot

The Southern Railroad Depot in Salisbury, built in 1907, was designed by noted architect Frank Milburn and is considered an outstanding example of Spanish mission-style architecture. The building spans the length of two city blocks with a dark red brick base and tan brick body.  A three and one-half story tower enhanced by projecting gargoyles is centrally featured, with a Spanish tile roof covering all. 

 Large canopies sheltered travelers from rain and the sun. The building also housed the offices of the stationmaster, the telegrapher, and other staff. At the time it was built, the station reflected the prevailing social attitudes, providing separate White and Colored entrances into the General Waiting Room. There was also a separation of the sexes; the women’s rest room was called a Ladies Parlor and a Smoking Room was made available just for men.

No longer in use as a depot, the building was restored in 1993 and part of it is used for offices.  In addition, the waiting room is rented out for wedding receptions and other special occasions. The building was listed individually on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.

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