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Salisbury Graded School - 2nd Grade, Batavia System

The Salisbury Graded School at some point must have instituted the Batavia System of education.  The Batavia System of Individual Instruction, by John Kennedy, published in Syracuse, N.Y. by C.W. Bardeen in 1914 is a method of classroom organization that put an extra teacher in the classroom to conference individually with students while the "regular" teacher conducted lectures and recitations.  It was meant to help the students who might not be working up to grade level keep up.  As you can see by the photograph, the classroom size was quite large. 

Postcard series no. 0162 Raphael Tuck & Sons “Salisbury, N.C.”


Kennedy, John The Batavia System of Individual Instruction Syracuse, N.Y. C.W. Bardeen, 1914

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