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Salisbury Graded School - Gymnasium

Salisbury, N.C. Graded School Gymnasium

Exercise class using Indian clubs circa 1907. 

The Indian Club is an exercise devise with a fanciful tale attached to it in the “Emperor’s New Clothes” tradition.  It seemed that the luxurious job of being king soon became taxing for one Indian ruler and he lost interest in his lifestyle.  A wise man showed up to offer a cure—a bowling pin shaped club.  The wise man told the king that it had potent drugs in the handle and he was to swing the club out in the garden at regular intervals.  Of course the fresh air and exercise was the potent drug.  The English army adopted the Indian club exercise method soon after the occupation of India by the English.  Others also found the exercise beneficial and followers soon brought it to America where it ended up in exercise programs even in the schools.

Postcard series no. 0162 Raphael Tuck & Sons


Riverside Magazine for Young People Vol. 3, 1869

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