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Salisbury Graded School - On the Playgrounds

On the playgrounds of the Salisbury, N.C.  Graded School, April, 1907. 

While this is obviously a group portrait of students and staff, it is interesting that it is on what they called a “playground.”  Physical education did not appear in public schools until the late 1880’s.  Dr. Luther Gulick developed the first modern curriculum in Physical Education for American schools.  He introduced programs of “safe easy, short, beneficial and pleasant” exercises and games.  By 1903, he became the director of Physical Education for New York Public Schools.  In 1906, he helped found the Playground Association of America to make sure that public playgrounds were available for school children and pre-schoolers across the country.  

Postcard series no. 0162 Raphael Tuck & Sons


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