Homework Help - History

Homework Help - History

The library's reference staff can help you find materials to check out or use in the library to help with homework assignments. In addition, try these web sites for frequently asked homework questions about historical topics:

Best of History Websites - Check out this excellent collection of reviewed and annotated history websites, searchable by topic (e.g. World War II, etc.)

The Food Timeline - Guide to historic U.S. food/commodity prices. Mainly twentieth century but some information refers to earlier records. Many of the references are for print sources that will need to be used in a library.

Historic Events and Birthdays by Date - Enter a date to learn about the events that took place on that day. Birthdays are featured. "Last updated in 2011"

History Channel's This Day in History - Enter a date and category to learn about the events that took place on that day

How Much is That?- Track and compare the purchasing power of the dollar through time; track inflation and exchange rates

Pearl Harbor - From National Geographic. A multimedia, interactive attack map uses photos, narration, and animation to present the events of December 7, 1941. Large variety of other resources also available.

Lewis and Clark - Web site explores the historic expedition with interactive maps, archival images, animation, and more. 

African American/Black History

African American Odyssey - An amazing site from the Library of Congress. This exhibit includes depictions of the long journey following the Civil War towards equality in employment, education and politics, strategies used to secure the vote, recognition of outstanding black leaders, and the contributions of sports figures, black soldiers, artists, actors, writers and others in the fight against segregation and discrimination.

Civil Rights Digital Library - The Civil Rights Digital Library Initiative represents one of the most ambitious and comprehensive efforts to date to deliver educational content on the Civil Rights Movement via the Web.

African Americans in Science - An excellent collection of biographies, indexed alphabetically or by profession.

The Underground Railroad - National Geographic presents an interactive journey through the famous escape route


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