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Inmate Visitation Guidelines

The Rowan County Detention Center allows inmates to have non-contact visits once a week based upon the inmate’s last name.

A thru F            Saturday       1pm to 4pm

G thru K            Sunday          1pm to 4pm

  L thru R            Tuesday         7pm to 10pm

   S thru Z            Wednesday   7pm to 10pm

**Visitation days and times are the same for inmates housed at the Annex facility at 400 Grace Church Rd. 

Inmates are required to fill out a list of 6 prospective visitors for approval by staff. Visitors may be denied for any of the following reasons:

  • Visitor has brought in prohibited items
  • Visitor has been disruptive during previous visits
  • Visitor has previously attempted to visit while under the influence or has attempted to bring alcohol or drugs to the facility
  • Visitor has refused to submit to a routine search or show proper identification during a prior visit
  • Visitor has damaged property of the Detention Center during a prior visit
  • Visitor was a participant in the criminal activity for which the inmate is incarcerated
  • Visitor has previously had his or her visitation privileges terminated by the Administrator or his designee

Inmates are allowed up to 4 visitors, including children, during their designated visitation time and all must visit at the same time.

Visits are limited to 20 minutes.

Children under 16 years of age must be immediate family and must be accompanied by an adult.  Immediate family will be defined as follows:  biological or step children and biological or step siblings. 

Visitors 16 and older are required to present picture ID.

All visitors are subject to a search of their person and property.

Anyone attempting to pass any contraband into the facility will be arrested and charged.

Prohibited Items

  • Weapons and/or ammunition
  • Packages
  • Books, Magazines, Book Bags
  • Cigarettes, Cigars, Lighters, Cigarette Cases
  • Baby Strollers
  • Purses
  • Cell Phones or other electronic devices

Visitors are expected to conduct themselves appropriately and dress appropriately:

Shirts and shoes are mandatory.

Halter tops, bare midriffs, strapless tops, tube tops, body suits, underwear-type tee-shirts, tank tops, sleeveless shirts, fish net shirts, or any type of garment made with transparent or translucent materials are prohibited.

Visitors may wear Bermuda-length shorts provided they are not more than three (3”) inches above the knee.

Females may wear dresses or skirts providing there are no slits. Dresses or skirts may not be more than three (3”) inches above the knee. Females must wear brassieres.

Any shirt or other articles of clothing with any image or language that may be considered profane or may incite inmate disorder is prohibited.

Headwear is prohibited.

Slacks and pants are to be worn at or above the waist.

Spandex clothing is prohibited.

Effective 27 Feb 2012

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