Sheriff's Office
Sheriff Kevin L. Auten

The Rowan County Sheriff's Office was established in 1753, with the Sheriff as the only officer.  The Sheriff's Office now consists of a total of 207 employees of which 121 are Full-time and 20 are Part-time law enforcement officers with 50 Full-time civilian and 16 part-time civilian staff.  This civilian number includes Detention Officers with no power of arrest.  During 2003, the Rowan County Sheriff's Office was awarded the J. Stannard Baker Award, a national award for outstanding achievement in highway safety.

MISSION: To Provide professional law enforcement to the citizens of Rowan County, North Carolina through efficient and effective methods.  This mission encompasses functions of courthouse security, civil process, operation of detention facility, investigations and community patrol.

232 North Main Street, Salisbury, North Carolina 28144
Phone: 704-216-8700
Fax: 704-216-8674

115 West Liberty Street, Salisbury, North Carolina 28144
Phone: 704-216-8770
Fax: 704-216-8731

102 North Central Avenue, Landis North Carolina 28088
Phone: 704-216-8742
Fax: 704-857-3640

400 Grace Church Road, Salisbury, North Carolina 28145
Phone: 704-216-7900
Fax: 704-216-0048

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Online Handgun Permits

Effective July 3, 2014 you can apply for handgun permits online using the following link:





Citizen Training Academy

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Get an inside look at how the Sheriff's Office works! 

Rowan County Sheriffs Youth Leadership Camp 2015

The Rowan County Sheriffs Office 2015 Leadership Camp is free for boys and girls who reside in Rowan County and have completed the fifth (5th), sixth (6th), or seventh (7th) grade. The camp provides a very meaningful experience and relationship with other campers throughout Rowan County. Sheriff Office personnel will be serving as counselors and instructors at the camp. The Program is the Sheriffs way of giving back to the kids of our community that are motivated to have successful futures and become productive citizens.

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Back to School Safety Tips

NCDOT offers students a few basic rules of safety as they head back to school:

  •  Cross in the crosswalk.
  •  Look for cars in all directions—including those turning left or right—before crossing the street; never assume a driver will stop.
  •  Be careful when crossing multiple lanes of traffic. Make sure each lane of traffic is clear before you cross.
  •  Pay attention to where you’re walking and take the focus off your cell phone or other electronic device. A moment of distraction could have disastrous consequences.         
  •  Be predictable to drivers and follow the rules of the road—obey signs and signals.
  •  Cross the street where you have the best view of traffic.
  •  Always walk on the sidewalk; if there is no sidewalk, walk facing traffic and as far from the road as you can.

NCDOT reminds motorists of these basic driving tips as the new school year approaches:

           Always stop for a stopped school bus.  If the lights are flashing and the stop sign is out,   you must stop, including in the following situations:

  •  If you are traveling a two-lane road, all traffic in both directions must stop.
  •  If you are traveling a two-lane road with a center turn lane, all traffic from both directions must stop.   
  •  If you are traveling a four-lane road without a median separation, all traffic from both directions must stop.
  •  If you are traveling a divided highway of four lanes or more with a median separation, only traffic following the bus must stop.
  •  If you are traveling a road with four or more lanes with a center turn lane, only traffic following the bus must stop.
  •  Be prepared to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks.
  •  Never pass a vehicle that is stopped for pedestrians.
  •  Before making a turn, be sure the path is clear of any pedestrians.
  •  Slow down in areas where you are likely to find pedestrians, such as near bus stops, schools and playgrounds.
  •  Avoid distractions such as food, passengers and using mobile devices. 

North Carolina has stiff penalties for motorists who fail to comply with school bus safety rules. 

  •  There is a $500 penalty for motorists who are caught passing a stopped school bus, with the possibility of license revocation.
  •  There is a $250 penalty for speeding in a school zone in North Carolina. 
  •  Passing a stopped school bus can cost motorists five points on their driver’s license and eight points for commercial vehicles.

For more information, visit the Watch for Me NC campaign website to learn more about what you can do to keep roads safe for everyone.   Visit the DMV website for more information about school bus laws.



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 Concealed Carry Permit Use of Force

2014 North Carolina Firearms Laws