Board of Social Services
James Sides (appointed by the Rowan Board of Commissioners)
   Term: July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2019

   Address: 150 Henkle Craig Farm Road, Salisbury, NC 28147
   Telephone: 704-633-3681 (work)

Judy Klusman (appointed by the Rowan Board of Commissioners)
   Term: May 2015 – June 30, 2017

   Address: 115 Maupin Avenue
   Telephone: 704-216-8189

Ethel Bamberg-Revis (appointed by NC Social Services Commission)
  Term: July 1 2014 – June 30, 2017

  Address: 1685 Long Ferry Road, Salisbury, NC 28146
  Telephone: 704-638-9000 x3300 (work)

DeeDee Wright, Chairperson (appointed by the Rowan Board of Social Services)
  Term: July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2017

  Address: 418 South Caldwell Street, Salisbury, NC  28144


   Donna F. Fayko   704-216-8422
Budget Analyst    
   Kelly Johnson   704-216-8346
Administrative Secretary  
   Amy Wagoner                   704-216-8400

Economic Services Division

    Sheila Holshouser Administrator 704-216-8407
    Billie Culp Program Manager 704-216-8350
Universal Worker Intake and Case Maintenance    
   Thomas Armstrong Supervisor 704-216-8333
   Sue Pfannes Supervisor 704-216-8402
   Helene Schappell Supervisor 704-216-8353
   Melissa Adams  Supervisor 704-216-8429
   Jeanne Ball  Supervisor 704-216-8438
   Stephanie Barber Supervisor 704-216-8377
Program Integrity Unit
   Thomas Armstrong Supervisor 704-216-8333
Economic Services Clerical Support Supervisor    
  Vacant Supervisor 704-216-8424

 Children's Services Division

    Lisa Berger Administrator 704-216-8446
    Micah Ennis Program Manger 704-216-8473

 Adoption, Links, Post Adoption Services

    Nadean Quaterman Supervisor 704-216-8462
Child Protective Services In-Home Services Unit    
    Johna Wiseman Supervisor 704-216-8492
Child Protective Services Unit Intake & Support Staff    
    Michelle Adams Supervisor 704-216-8479
Child Protective Services Investigations Unit    
    Kelly Fisher Supervisor 704-216-8473
    Whitney Peterson Supervisor 704-216-8444
    Shannon McClattie Supervisor 704-216-8451
Foster Care Case Management Units    
    Joshua Stutts Supervisor 704-216-8443
    Sonya Boone Supervisor 704-216-8485
Legal Unit    
    Cynthia Dry Attorney 704-216-8442

Service Support Division

Adult Protective Services Unit
   Daina Frederick  Supervisor  704-216-8357
Child Day Care Unit
    Meagan Mooney  Supervisor  704-216-8349
Child Support Enforcement Unit
    Robert Lester Supervisor/Attorney  704-216-8315
    Beth Berry Supervisor  704-216-8304
    Karen Bost Supervisor  704-216-8305
Work First Employment Services Unit    
    Meagan Moonay Supervisor  704-216-8349
Work First Family Assistance Unit    
    Meagan Mooney Supervisor  704-216-8349