10 Tips to Promote Infant Safe Sleep

The North Carolina Healthy Start Foundation and the statewide N.C. Back to Sleep Campaign offer the following guidelines to help reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and prevent accidental infant death:

  1. Place babies to sleep on their backs for naps and at nighttime, not on their tummies or sides. Remember “stomach to play, back to sleep” for baby’s healthy development and to lower SIDS risks.
  2. Give the protection of a crib and make sure babies don't sleep on sofas or in beds with others. Let the infant sleep in a crib or bassinet near the parent’s bed.
  3. Use a firm mattress that fits and has no gap between it and the frame of the crib.
  4. Use a fitted sheet that is the right size for the mattress and tuck blankets in.
  5. Do not use bumper pads, sleep position wedges, or pillows in the crib
  6. Keep toys and fluffy blankets out of the crib while baby sleeps.
  7. Make sure the baby’s room is in the safe temperature range of 68°F to 75°F; using a thermometer in the baby’s room can help.
  8. Position the crib away from the heat vent.
  9. Prevent overheating by layering the baby’s clothes and not overdressing them.
  10. Keep all cigarette smoke away from pregnant women and all babies.

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