One Church One Child

Program Focus:
The Rowan County One Church One Child Program is a mission/outreach program between Rowan County Department of Social Services and local churches that is designed to make a difference in the lives of children and families by:  

  • Identifying and supporting families in congregations who are interested in becoming foster and/or adoptive parents.
  • Helping to meet the needs of children and families served by Rowan County Department of Social Services Children's Services Division.  
  • Supporting foster parents and relatives who care for Rowan County's children in foster care.
  • Educating church members about the needs of Rowan County children and families who need support and assistance.

Commitment of Member Church Pastors

  • Recruit a lay person to be church coordinator and contact person between the church and DSS.
  • Support the sponsoring of one program or project during the year about foster care/adoption and the needs of families.
  • Provide space for an informational center. Materials are provided by DSS.
  • Keep the message about the needs of children and families before the congregation throughout the year.

  Role of the Church Coordinator

  •  Serve as liaison between the church and DSS.
  • Articulate the program to church members during the year.
  • Coordinate one project in the church during the year.
  • Coordinate the church resource center.
  • Attend the Spring Annual Celebration Banquet and the Fall Church Coordinators and Pastors Meeting.

Rowan County DSS will: 

  • Train and support church coordinators.
  • Provide all printed materials for the resource center and other publications. 
  • Plan and host meetings for church coordinators and pastors. 
  • Provide special recognition for member churches. 

It is the policy of Department of Health and Human Services to provide services, care, benefits, and assistance to all qualified persons without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, or political belief.

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