TelecommunicationsThank you for taking a chance to visit Rowan County 9-1-1 Online.  We hope to be able to educate, inform and make it easier for you to utilize our services.  Find out about our mission statements and philosophy and get the answers to some frequently asked questions.  We’d like you to know all there is about how to report a fire and what different questions you may be asked if you want to report a medical emergency or a crime.

1090 Corporate Center Dr, Salisbury, NC 28146
Phone:  704-216-8500 - Non Emergency
Fax:  704-216-8508

Our website also offers our customers – the citizens and public safety workers of Rowan County, North Carolina – with other resources, including the ability to report missing or damaged road-name-signs and access to many forms required for certain departmental functions.  Our website also provides updated information and routing information to all streets and roads in Rowan County, NC to assist anyone requiring routing assistance within the county.  We encourage you to contact us with your comments, and hope you check our links to other 911 Centers, government sites and interesting Public Safety pages.

Online Forms:
Business Contact Updates New LEO Officer Form
Damaged or Missing Street Sign Adding Text/Paging Device in CAD
911 Information Request 1800-Hour Announcement Request
OSSI Applications (MCT) Access Request Form DCI NCIC Form
 North Carolina State Highway Patrol Towed and Stored Vehicle Search