Rowan Incident Command Unit
Mobile Command 31

Picture of RICU - Rowan Incident Command UnitConstruction is complete on the new Rowan Incident Command Unit (RICU).  Our mobile command unit is financed by grants from the Department of Homeland Security and is available to all local government and public safety agencies for any incident or event in Rowan County.


Rowan County Telecommunications Gets New 40' Mobile Command Bus

Rob Robinson, September 2005

Thanks to Rowan Regional Medical Center, Department of Homeland Security, China Grove Glass and Body, Wireless Communications, Coates Communications and Public Safety Agencies in Rowan County; Rowan Telecommunications Center will be unveiling a new Public Safety tool in a few more weeks. Over the past 12-18 months, work has been underway to convert an old mammogram bus over to a fully functional mobile command and EOC known as R.I.C.U. or Rowan Incident Command Unit. The 40’ foot Thomas bus was sold to the county by Rowan Regional Hospital for $1. Frank Thomason, Rowan County’s Emergency Services Director began the process of trying to get a more functional mobile command unit for Rowan County approximately 12-18 months ago when working with Homeland Security Grant Money. The current mobile command unit known as 519 is a box type van that the county has long since out grown.

The unit will have 4 fully functional Motorola CRT Console Positions to be used to relieve the call load in the communications center during large-scale incidents. It will also be equipped with 5 laptop computers, an 800 radio system, with interoperability capabilities on UHF, VHF and Low Band, a mobile EOC, TV DVD and VCR, Microwave, coffee maker, refrigerator. The laptop will have wireless Internet capabilities to access the county CAD system. It will have both cellular phones by Nextel and Sprint as well as a fully functional wire line phone system that can be accessed at several designated locations. The unit will have 12 spare 800 portable radios that can be issued out in the field if additional radios are needed in surrounding counties. The emergency lighting system consists of all Strobe and LED totaling 22 different lights strategically located around the bus.

The unique concept of this bus is that it is actually the Telecommunication Centers unit and not under the direct control of law enforcement, fire or EMS. The unit is housed at EMS Station 85 at 123 N Shaver St in downtown Salisbury.

The County is also developing an Incident Management Team, or IMT, which consists of highly trained people in the areas of EMS, Fire Marshall, Haz-Mat and Communications. R.I.C.U. will actually become a unit on the run cards for departments and will be automatically dispatched to certain incidents when certain priority levels are reached.

Although the County Manger has not yet approved it, I hope that the unit can be considered a tool that can be used by the NC Chapter of NENA TERT Program and be deployed statewide if needed.