Adopt a Pet

Adopt a shelter animal today!

Why Adopt?

Adopting a shelter animal means that you are helping an animal in need! Our animals come from many situations where for some reason their previous owners could not or did not provide continued care. Or they may have been homeless on the streets because they were born there or abandoned. They all come from situations right here in Rowan County. You would be rescuing a four legged neighbor in need!

How to Adopt?

Final adoption process must take place at the Animal Shelter at 1465 Julian Road, Salisbury. You must be 18 years old. Bring a legal ID with you. We cannot hold animals for you based on a phone call or email. We accept cash or card, no checks please. Most animals can be taken home the same day.

Adopt a Pet

The best place to view photos of animals is our Facebook Page. It is updated regularly and you can view a photo of the animal and see its availability.  We also maintain a spreadsheet of available animals that is updated in real-time.


Some animals that you may see are being held for a stray hold period, which is a 72 business hour hold for animals that are brought in as strays. This hold allows owner’s of animals a chance to locate their missing pet before the animal is placed up for adoption. 

Other animals may be on hold pending a spay/neuter appointment with the Shelter’s Veterinarian. The Adoption Waiting List Form allows adopters interested in those animals to be placed on a waiting list. 

All other available animals are first come/first served. We cannot hold animals for you based on a phone call or email.


Regular cost is $80, which includes starter vaccines including a one-year rabies, wormer, microchip, and in most cases, an animal that has been spayed or neutered by our staff veterinarian. If this cannot be provided due to age or other reason, we do provide a voucher worth $70 toward spay/neuter. More information on vouchers may be found below. 

If we have an animal available for adoption that we originally received as an animal that had been spayed/neutered, we adopt it for $15 to cover the expense of the vaccines. 

Special Adoption Events!

In 2016, the Rowan County Board of Commissioners generously approved 12 annual special reduced price adoption events. View and subscribe the Calendar of Events for more information.

80% Off All Adoptions

  • $16 for all unaltered animals
  • $3 for all altered animals

Spay/Neuter Vouchers

If your adoption situation requires us to issue a spay/neuter voucher this voucher is equal to $70 in cash for you to use for spay/neuter. Our adoption contract requires that our animals that we adopt out must be spayed or neutered. The voucher can be used at all veterinarians in Rowan County and many vets in surrounding counties will also accept the voucher and submit them directly to Rowan County for reimbursement. If you live further from us or if you like using a veterinarian that does not accept the voucher, then you may submit it yourself for reimbursement with proper documentation from the veterinarian of the surgery.