Access & Functional Needs

Dealing with an illness, chronic medical condition, disability or functional need can be stressful in many situations but will be even  more difficult during a disaster or household emergency such as a winter snow or ice storm, flooding or fire. The best approach to this type of  situation is to prepare now so you and your family or caregivers will have a plan of what to do, where to go and have the supplies or  equipment ready that you will need to handle both the emergency and your personal illness or disability.

The first three things you should do right now to be ready are:

  1. Sign up for Rowan County’s Community Notification System. The system will provide important information from local officials during a disaster.  Register for Notifications
  2. Complete the Rowan County online Access and Functional Needs Registry Application.
  3. Read the brochure on how to Prepare for Emergencies Now: Information for Persons with Disabilities (PDF) and begin the steps described in that brochure to: Get a Kit of  Emergency Supplies, Make a Plan for What to do in an Emergency, and Be  Informed about What Might Happen. 

Most important of all is to share your plan and discuss these steps with your family and caregivers. They are your best support and  strongest advocates.