Creek Week

Creek Week 2021

Special thanks to our Sponsors and Partners, as well as participants for making Creek Week 2021 such a success.  We had a blast exploring local waters with you this year, and we hope you will join us for Creek Week 2022!

PleinAirOpening1 copy-2
PleinAir-Works3 copy-2
Horizons-Snowcones copy-2
Horizons-Planetarium2 copy-2
Horizons-StormwaterBooth copy-2
DavidsonRowan-HistoricTalk copy-2
DavidsonRowan-SpencerTalk2 copy-2
DavidsonRowan-KayakSunset copy-2
Woman showing a group of children how to cast a fishing line
Family fishing on railroad trestle bridge next to lake
RowanWildFishing2 copy-2
StanbackForest-Trailsign copy-2
Oscar-MichaelH copy-2
Bullhole-CarolinaThreadTrail copy-2
Bullhole-JohnCynthia-trashpickup copy-2
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HighRockDam-Catwalk2 copy-2
SRU-Presentation2 copy-2
SRU-Tour1 copy-2
Tow men demonstrating how to build wood duck boxes
TollerBoatworks2 copy-2
Regatta-AllBoats copy-2
Three boats made from recycled materials floating on lake
KayakDemo-YRKTent copy-2
Woman in single kayak on lake
KayakDemo3 copy-2


Creek Week is a week-long celebration of local waters throughout North Carolina. The Third Annual Rowan Creek Week took place August 21-28, 2021.  In conjunction with multiple environmental organizations and local municipal departments, Creek Week offers recreational, educational, and volunteer opportunities to allow everyone to enjoy and contribute to healthy waters in our area.

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