About Us

Mid-Carolina Regional Airport

Mid-Carolina Regional Airport is centrally located between Greensboro and Charlotte, North Carolina. 

The fixed-base operator (FBO) is provided by the county which ensures each employee is professional and delivers first class service.

Our Mission, Vision & Values

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Rowan County offers a 5,500 foot by 100 foot runway, instrument landing system (ILS), non-directional beacon (NDB), and a full-length taxiway. 

Located just 18 Miles North of Charlotte Motor Speedway. We offer low fuel prices with discounts for volume purchases and this makes Rowan County the ideal location during race day. 

Rental cars are available for transportation. Aircraft Maintenance, painting and interiors, avionics installation and repair is available on-site. Corporate hangar sites, GA hangar rentals and tie-down spaces are also available. The airport also offers a Flight School, Pilot’s Lounge and Office Space rental.