COVID-19 Community Paramedic Program

The COVID-19 Community Paramedic Program (CCP) assists Rowan County residents who test positive for COVID-19 and want or need assistance in day to day activities while convalescing.

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Known COVID-19 positive patients will be contacted by the Rowan County Health Department (RCHD) for contact tracing and follow-up.  During this contact,  RCHD will offer the resident an opportunity to opt in or out of the CCP.

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RCHD will assign residents who opt in to the CCP, and the CCP will make contact and schedule a home visit within 24 hours of the request.

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Once face-to-face contact is made, the CCP will perform basic medical evaluation and adjust that evaluation based on findings.  The CCP examines the need for assistance in daily needs or other assistance by either aiding or referring to the proper resource.  Based on the evaluation, future visits will be scheduled.  Follow-up with the resident’s primary care provider will be facilitated as needed.

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CCP will end services when the resident has reached a minimum of 10 days since symptoms began and has been fever-free for 24 hours.  Considerations will be given to provide testing to other residents inside the quarantined home.

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Evaluations are at no cost to the resident.  If an EMS transport is needed as the result of an evaluation, this will be billed to the resident.

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CCP will not engage hospital in-patient or congregate care residents, but will act as a resource for these facilities and may follow patients/residents that are discharged within an observation period. 

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