COVID-19 Small Business Grant Program

Adopted by the Board of Commissioners November 16, 2020
Revised November 20, 2020

I. Grant Program

A. Background

Rowan County received grant monies from the Coronavirus Relief Fund.  

“Nonexclusive examples of eligible expenditures 5. Expenses associated with the provision of economic support in connection with the COVID-19 public health emergency such as[1]” 

CRF Guidance Page 4 Excerpt

*The above excerpt can be located on page 4 of the “Coronavirus Relief Fund Guidance for State, Territorial, Local, and Tribal Governments Updated September 2, 2020”[2]

B. Goals

To provide grants to small businesses to reimburse the cost of business interruption caused by required closures. 

C. Funding

Rowan County will provide $350,000 in grants to small businesses in Rowan County.  This funding will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis for eligible small businesses that submit a “Completed” application and follow all the written directions on the application.  Applications will be accepted online and in person at 130 West Innes Street, Salisbury, NC 28144 on the second floor starting November 23, 2020 at 12 noon through December 4, 2020 at 5pm.  Each application will be electronically or manually time stamped.  Checks will be issued no later than December 30, 2020. 

D. Administration

  1.  Rowan County will contract with McGill Associates to administer the grant allocation process for a 10% fee of the grant proceeds in the amount of $35,000. 
    1. The County will build out the website application and assist McGill Associates.   The County will provide the applications based on a first come, first serve basis with an electronic and manual timestamp.
    2. McGill Associates will be responsible for screening the applications, verifying the information and collecting required documentation.   

II. Eligibility

A. Grant Parameters

  1. $3,500 – 1 to 5 employees or a sole proprietor (count as of March 1, 2020)
  2. $5,000 – 6 to 25 employees (count as of March 1, 2020)
  3. Ineligible – 26 or more employees

B. Requirements

  1. Shall be a For-profit business with a Brick-and-Mortar address located in Rowan County, North Carolina.
    1. A Secretary of State ID is required.
    2. Business located on or associated with the primary residence parcel are excluded.
  2. Shall not have 26 or more employees.
  3. Franchises are only eligible if the franchisor is independent and locally owned. 
  4. Shall have been in business on or before December 31, 2019.
  5. A business must fall under one of the two categories below to be eligible for this grant. 
  1. Not classified as a COVID-19 Essential Business as defined in Executive Order 121, Section 2.   This means a non-essential business.
  2. Restaurants
  1. Business will not be eligible if they meet any of the following:
    1. Business has file for bankruptcy anytime in the last 3 years.
    2. Business has open judgements or tax liens.
    3. Business has delinquent Rowan County property taxes.
    4. Non-profits.
    5. A non-essential business that received approval from NC Department of Revenue to be deemed essential.
    6. Business must still be operational.

C. Use of Funds

  1. Funds may be used for legitimate business expenses.  This includes but is not limited to working capital, lease payments, existing real estate and equipment financing payments and payroll.

 D. Documentation

  1. Grant Request Application
  2. 2019 Tax return
  3. IRS Form 941 or Equivalent (Payroll)
  4. W9 Form
  5. Any privilege state, federal, or local operating license required to perform their business
  6. Certification Form for receipt of grant funds (if approved)
  7. Secretary of State Identification Number 

E. Additional Guidelines

  1. If applicant is selected and fills out the application correctly, they will receive an email or phone call notifying them they were selected.  Applicant will have three business days (Monday - Friday) to provide additional information in Section D.  If applicant fails to provide all the required information for any reason, then the applicant will be disqualified.