Property Check


Property fraud, also known as deed fraud, is a fast-growing white-collar crime. This type of fraud can go undetected and can cause an array of issues, including the unlawful transfer of ownership of property, this fraudulent activity can make it appear as if that person owns your home or property, and you may have no idea that it happened! 

The Rowan County Register of Deeds does not judge the accuracy or validity of a document. As long as a document meets the recording requirements governed by the North Carolina General Statutes, and the proper fees are paid, a document can be entered into public record even if it is fraudulent. 

The Rowan County Register of Deed's Office now offers Property Check, a free 24/7 service that acts as a fraud alert system. After creating an account, you will be alerted by your preferred means of contact any time a filing occurs on the property or property owner that you designate.

Unfortunately, the alert system does not stop the fraudulent activity, but it allows timely action against any improper activity. 

What can you do to protect your property from property fraud? Sign up for Rowan County’s Property Check today. For more information on what is needed to create an account, view our Property Check Flyer (PDF).


Using the Property Check Website

We offer a User Guide (PDF) with a step-by-step instruction manual on how to operate the Property Check Website.  For any questions regarding the Property Check system, please feel free to call our office at 704-216-8636. 


If You Receive an Alert:

If you receive an alert, a document has been recorded that matches a name or parcel Identification number that you have registered. 

Search Rowan County land records by visiting our Online Document Search Website.

If you suspect you are a victim of fraud, contact your local law enforcement agency.


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