HOPE Program

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About Us

Harm Reduction, Outreach, Prevention, Education (HOPE) is a partnership among Rowan County Public Health, Rowan County Emergency Medical Services, and the Rowan community that provides supportive outreach to individuals who use opioids and/or at high risk of an opioid overdose. 

Mission Statement

Helping individuals achieve recovery and well-being through support, a connection to care, and education about substance use.

Vision Statement

Our priority today, is to provide a person-first connection to care to reduce overdoses and overdose fatalities in Rowan County.

Meet Our Team

At Rowan County Public Health, we are proud to introduce you to our dedicated and compassionate HOPE team. Comprising individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise, we share a common commitment to reducing the harms associated with substance use and promoting health, safety, and well-being within our community.

Learn more about the HOPE Team

HOPE Service Request Form

  1. Please complete this form and one of our HOPE team members will reach out. For presentations, please submit request at least three weeks in advance of the requested date.
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