This webpage has been established as a resource of study information and related documents
for residents and property owners in the Long Ferry Road corridor.  

Long Ferry road aerial view including the interstate, wooded areas, and the roadway

Long Ferry Road Corridor Study

Rowan County and the Town of Spencer commissioned a study of the Long Ferry Road corridor between Salisbury Ave (N US 29 Highway) and Leonard Road based on current economic interests and potential future commercial and industrial development within the corridor. The study objective is to evaluate vehicular and truck traffic increases based on future development scenarios within the 2.8-mile corridor.

Long Ferry Road sign on the interstate

Public Meeting

Rowan County and The Town of Spencer will be hosting a drop-in meeting for the public on Thursday, September 21, 2023 from 4:00–7:00 pm at the Spencer Town Hall located at 460 S Salisbury Avenue, Spencer, NC.  

There will be no formal presentation at this meeting; rather, it will offer the public an opportunity to review proposed road cross sections and ask questions about the study and its recommendations. You may also submit your comments online.

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