Information on Voting and Coronavirus (PDF)

The Elections office is responsible for registering all qualified persons to vote, providing absentee voting services, validating signatures on candidate petitions, maintaining accurate updated files on voters, preparing for and running all County elections. We are committed to providing the best possible services and conducting efficient, fair, honest and impartial elections.


If you were sent an unsolicited pre-filled absentee ballot request form with partially printed information (such as your name and address), do not use it. View example of pre-filled ballot (PDF).

Rowan County is aware that a third-party organization has sent out pre-filled forms to Rowan County voters. Please disregard that form. Anyone submitting a third-party pre-filled form will receive a Notice of Invalid Request from our office.

North Carolina law does not permit absentee request forms that contain pre-filled information.

For more information on this law, see section (e) Invalid Types of Written Requests of North Carolina General Statutes (NCGS) § 163-230.2. Method of requesting absentee ballots (PDF).

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