The Elections office is responsible for registering all qualified persons to vote, providing absentee voting services, validating signatures on candidate petitions, maintaining accurate updated files on voters, preparing for and running all County elections. We are committed to providing the best possible services and conducting efficient, fair, honest and impartial elections.

  1. Rowan County Precinct Map Available Online

    Rowan County GIS has put together a downloadable PDF of Rowan County Voting Precincts which includes insets for Salisbury and Kannapolis. Read on...
  2. Voter IDs Mandatory in 2020

    Beginning in 2020, North Carolina voters will be asked to provide photo identification when voting in-person or absentee-by-mail, with some exceptions. Read on...
  3. 2020 Primary UOCAVA Election Notice

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2020 Primary Candidate List - List only                                                        The "candidate detail list" is public record and can be requested.