Ready Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed.


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  1. Citizen & Business Preparedness Information

    View a helpful list of links to prepare yourself or your business.

  2. Communication Tips

    When disaster strikes, you want to be able to communicate by both receiving and distributing information to others.

  3. Local Community Emergency Shelter Information

    Shelters are selected and opened based on individual event location and hazard.

  4. Power Outage Reporting

    Look through lists of contact information to use to report a power outage.

Why You Should Be Prepared

Emergency and disaster situations can happen at any moment, day, or week.

Being prepared ahead of time is key to ensuring that you and your loved ones, co-workers, home, business, and property is protected to the best level possible.

When disaster strikes, the best protection is knowing what to do.

We encourage all citizens in Rowan County and in our municipalities to be ready!


Rowan County is a joint partner with the US Department of Homeland Security and the North Carolina Division of Emergency Management to provide this important information to our citizens

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