Thank you for taking a chance to visit Rowan County 911 Online.  We hope to be able to educate, inform and make it easier for you to utilize our services.  Find out about our mission statements and philosophy and get the answers to some frequently asked questions.  We’d like you to know all there is about how to report a fire and what different questions you may be asked if you want to report a medical emergency or a crime.

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Our website also offers our customers - the citizens and public safety workers of Rowan County, North Carolina - with other resources, including the ability to report missing or damaged road-name-signs and access to many forms required for certain departmental functions. Our website also provides updated information and routing information to all streets and roads in Rowan County, North Carolina to assist anyone requiring routing assistance within the county.  We encourage you to contact us with your comments, and hope you check our links to other 911 Centers, government sites and interesting Public Safety pages. 

The Rowan County Department of Telecommunications has been proudly serving the citizens of Rowan County, North Carolina, as a combined entity since 1994.  Our Department handles routine and emergency calls for 10 law enforcement agencies, 36 paid and volunteer fire departments, 6 EMS stations, Rowan County Rescue Squad and local government agencies.

Building a New Communications Center

In 2012 the plans for a new 911 center were put into motion.  With this project will come to consolidation with the Salisbury Police Department. As of July 1, 2013, the county became responsible for the dispatch service for the Salisbury Police Department. At this time their dispatch center remains in the Salisbury Police Department. 

Emergency 911 Calls

Any emergency 911 call placed from any location in Rowan County is answered by our center. Law enforcement calls from within the City of Salisbury are transferred to Salisbury Police Communications, law enforcement and fire calls from within the City of Kannapolis are transferred to Kannapolis Police Communications and any call reporting aggressive driving, traffic accidents, and other traffic complaints in Rowan County are transferred to the North Carolina Highway Patrol Communications Center in Salisbury.

Emergency Medical Dispatch Center

Our agency is North Carolina certified as an Emergency Medical Dispatch center.  All telecommunicators are state and nationally certified Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMD), giving them the training to provide early medical care for citizens before first responder and EMS units arrive on a scene.

Mission Statement (Adopted February 2008)

Rowan County Department of Telecommunications is the 1st of the first responders.  We are committed to answering all calls for service with professionalism, integrity and compassion while providing a vital link to all emergency responders. Customer service is essential to our success; we treat each caller with empathy and respect. Our dedicated and highly trained professionals offer life saving instructions and services to all that require assistance.