Rescue Squad EMS Medical Achievement Recognition

This annual award is given in December of each year to a member of the Rowan County Rescue Squad who has contributed significantly over the previous year in assistance and support for providing backup and coverage to the County's Emergency Management Services (EMS) Division. Nominations are received from Department peers.

Award Winners

Year Award Winner
2015 Marcus Stodard
2014 LuAnne Cress
2013 Mike McDaniel (PNG)
2012 Johnny Weddington (JPG)
2011 Dell Blevins (JPG) and Crystal Blevins (JPG)
2010 Allen Carlyle (JPG)
2009 Justin Small (JPG)
2008 Linda Basinger
2007 Eddie Cress (JPG)
Tammy Yon (JPG)
2005 David (Davi) Earnhardt (JPG)
2004 Linda Basinger
2003 Nick Goodman
2002 Coyt Karriker
2001 David (Davi) Earnhardt (JPG)
2000 Mike Holshouser
1999 Coyt Karriker (JPG)
1998 Tommy Hodges
1997 Charles Ridenhour
1996 Tracy Winecoff (JPG)