Medical Responders

Duties & Responsibilities

Originally instituted in the late 1980s, the Medical Responder Program is implemented to provide an additional level of response capability to the citizens of Rowan County needing medical assistance. 

Firefighters with Patient

The program is part of the County’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) System Plan, utilizing trained responders certified to a minimum level of NC Medical Responder or higher, and operates under the day-to-day oversight by the EMS Division and the Division’s Medical Director.

Medical Responder Agency

All responders are affiliated with a Medical Responder Agency, which receives approval to operate by the Department of Emergency Services and the Rowan County Board of Commissioners. All of the county’s fire departments individually serve as medical responder agencies for their respective districts.

Entities serving as a Medical Responder Agency receive their operational guidance through several documents, including:


Each Medical Responder Agency designates one of it’s personnel as a Medical Responder Coordinator, who provides general oversight of the program’s functionality at the individual agency/department level. The Coordinators meet 4 times a year to discuss current general operations and to provide a forum for all of the agencies and the EMS Division. 

2020 Medical Responder Coordinator’s Meeting Schedule

All meetings are held at EMS Station 87 at 7 p.m.

  • January 27, 2020
  • April 20, 2020
  • July 27, 2020
  • October 19, 2020

Meeting Information & Minutes

Minutes of each meeting are archived for viewing and use here.

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