Rufus H. Honeycutt, Jr. Medical Responder

This annual award is given each year during National Emergency Management Services (EMS) Week to a Rowan County Medical Responder who has made significant contributions to the County's EMS system over the last year. Nominations are given by Department personnel. The award is named after former County Commissioner Rufus Honeycutt, who was instrumental in establishing a higher level of emergency medical care to the citizen's of Rowan County by the creation of a county EMS service in 1984. Honeycutt continued to be an on-going advocate of EMS - helping to promote the service's improvements from Emergency Management Technician (EMT) to Paramedic level of care.

Rufus H. Honeycutt, Jr.

Rufus H. Honeycutt, Jr. Medical Responder of the Year Award

Year Award Winner
2015 Charles Haas
Bostian Heights Fire Department
2014 George Stewart
Atwell Fire Department
2013 Earl Parris (JPG)
Locke Fire Department
2012 Robert Burleyson (JPG)
South Salisbury Fire Department
2011 Mike Zimmerman (JPG)
Bostian Heights Fire Department    
2010 Katie Watkins (JPG)
Union Fire Department
2009 Trey Hoshall (JPG)
Cleveland Fire Department
2008 Keith Deal
Atwell Fire Department
2007 Eric Albright (JPG)
Enochville Fire Rescue
2006 Dr. Ronnie Barrier (JPG)
Liberty Fire Department